Guidelines for Assessing Your Senior Pet’s Quality of Life

As your pet ages, they may encounter health complications, and knowing how to assess your senior pet’s quality of life (QOL) is important to recognize when you should say goodbye, so your pet doesn’t suffer. Our Columbia Pike Animal Hospital team wants to help by providing guidelines for assessing your senior pet’s QOL. Conditions affecting [...]

Potential Thanksgiving Pet Tribulations

Americans have been celebrating Thanksgiving since the 1600s, but pets still can encounter many problems on this traditional holiday. Our Columbia Pike Animal Hospital team wants to provide information about potential Thanksgiving pet tribulations and suggest ways to protect your four-legged family member. Darla, a 4-year-old dachshund, can’t work out what is happening—her home has [...]

The Importance of Professional Dental Cleanings for Pets

You know the importance of regular teeth cleanings for your own dental health, but did you know that regular dental cleanings are also important for your pet’s health? By age 3, most pets have some form of periodontal disease. Professional dental cleanings can protect your pet, so our Columbia Pike Animal Hospital team explains how [...]

Halloween Pet Safety FAQs

Halloween is considered the spookiest day of the year, but nothing is scarier for pet owners than an emergency veterinary trip. The frightful festivities can leave our pets feeling spooked and scared, and pet owners must beware of hidden Halloween hazards. Our team at Columbia Pike Animal Hospital answers common Halloween pet safety questions to [...]

Facts About Dogs and Back Disease

Intervertebral disc disease (IVDD) is a serious condition in dogs that typically causes significant pain and can potentially lead to paralysis. Our Columbia Pike Animal Hospital team offers information about this concerning disease, in case your dog is at risk.  Dog back anatomy Knowing the normal spinal anatomy is important to understand IVDD. The dog’s [...]

What Dog Owners Should Hear About Ear Infections

Ear infections are a common problem in dogs, and a leading cause of veterinary visits. This condition is painful and, left untreated, can result in permanent hearing loss. Our Columbia Pike Animal Hospital team does not want your dog to suffer long-term consequences from this seemingly minor problem.  Primary causes of dog ear infections Bacteria, [...]

Anesthetic Safety Tutorial for Pet Owners

Safety is a top concern when your pet is scheduled for an anesthetic procedure. Advances in anesthesia medications and techniques have made these procedures extremely safe, but our Columbia Pike Animal Hospital team still takes many precautions to ensure your pet remains safe while they are anesthetized. We provide information about pet anesthetic safety to [...]

Heartworm Disease and Prevention in Pets: The Tale of Artie the Heartworm

Heartworm disease, which affects dogs and cats differently, can be as complicated as the heartworm life cycle. Our Columbia Pike Animal Hospital team provides this story to  illustrate the heartworm’s path from its host—the mosquito—to its favorite hangout—your pet’s major blood vessels surrounding their heart and lungs. Follow along as we share highlights of Artie [...]

FAQs About Pet Wellness Screenings

Your pet should be evaluated by a veterinary professional at least once a year, because regular wellness screenings can improve your pet’s quality of life and increase their longevity. Our Columbia Pike Animal Hospital team wants to answer frequently asked questions about these visits to encourage you to book your pet’s appointment soon. Question: Why [...]

8 Heat Safety Tips for Pet Owners

Summer in Virginia means heat and humidity, which can be dangerous conditions for your pet. Our Columbia Pike Animal Hospital team wants to help keep your pet happy and healthy through the dog days of summer by providing pet heat safety tips.  #1: Educate yourself about heatstroke in pets Heatstroke is a life-threatening veterinary emergency [...]

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