Top 5 Diseases Linked to Eating or Drinking Changes in Pets

Pets are creatures of habit. Your pet likely awakens, eats, plays, exercises, and goes to sleep around the same time each day. When your pet’s habits change, including if their hunger or thirst increases or decreases, your furry pal likely has an underlying medical problem that our Columbia Pike Animal Hospital team should treat. Changes [...]

First Aid Relief: What To Do If Your Pet Has an Allergic Reaction

Dogs and cats, like people, can develop allergies to a multitude of triggers. Some allergies are seasonal, caused by pollen or other environmental items that your pet contacts only occasionally, while others, such as storage mites, are year-round problems. Still other allergens, such as a bee sting or a vaccination, can cause an acute reaction. [...]

The Scoop On Poop: Giardia in Dogs

If your dog has recently suffered from diarrhea, appetite loss, or vomiting, they may have an intestinal parasite infection. One common intestinal parasite—Giardia—is in a class of its own, and is more difficult to prevent, manage, and treat. This protozoan parasite differs from the roundworms and tapeworms that most pet owners are familiar with, but [...]

Stop Bugging Me: Bug Bites and Their Problems in Pets

Bugs, insects, and arachnids may be tiny, but these pests can cause big problems for your pet. Issues range from minor irritation and swelling to life-threatening diseases and anaphylactic reactions. As you head out to enjoy summer fun with your four-legged friend, study up on how to protect them from bug bites and stings. Flea [...]

When Heat Turns Deadly: Heat Safety for Pets

When summer kicks into high gear, you may want to retreat to the cool conditions inside your house and ride out the scorching summer season. But, your four-legged friend isn’t going to let you miss out on all the wonderful activities summer has to offer. Before venturing into the great—and hot—outdoors, learn how to keep [...]

Pack the Perfect Bag for Your Pet’s Boarding Stay

When preparing your pet for a boarding stay, packing the perfect bag can make all the difference in ensuring they remain comfortable and happy, and receive the care they deserve. Whether you're boarding your pet for a weekend stay or longer, you'll want to pack several essentials to help ensure your furry pal feels at [...]

4 July Fourth Pet Safety Tips

As July Fourth approaches, you may be looking forward to barbecues, parades, and festive fireworks displays. Although you enjoy these holiday traditions, your pet may find this day confusing, scary, and sometimes dangerous. Fireworks’ loud noises and bright lights, crowds of unfamiliar people, and sizzling temperatures all pose a threat to your pet. Follow our [...]

4 Tick Tips to Protect Your Pet

Ticks are more than just a nuisance. These pests can transmit serious diseases to people and pets. Knowing how to check your pet for ticks and how to remove them safely from your four-legged pal’s skin is crucial. If your pet spends time outdoors, read our Columbia Pike Animal Hospital team’s four tick tips, and [...]

The Itch Factor: 4 Reasons Your Pet is Itchy

Are you scratching your head—or maybe your pet’s head—wondering why your furry pal can't seem to stop itching?  We’ve all experienced that maddening itching sensation that makes us want to scratch our skin right off. Now imagine how your poor pet must feel as they desperately scratch, bite, and lick at their constantly itchy skin. [...]

8 Reasons Your Pet Needs Year-Round Protection Against Lyme Disease

Lyme disease is considered endemic in Virginia, because the infection is prevalent in our area. Although dogs are susceptible to Lyme disease, you can easily help prevent your four-legged friend from contracting the infection. Our Columbia Pike Animal Hospital team explains why your pet should receive year-round protection from Lyme disease. #1: Virginia is home [...]

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