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4 Senior Pet Care Tips

Senior pets can face age-related challenges similar to aging humans, but you can take steps to help keep your pet happy and healthy as long as possible. Our team at Columbia Pike Animal Hospital provides tips to help you care for your senior pet. #1: Schedule twice-yearly wellness exams for your senior pet Cats and [...]

The Importance of Pet Dental Care

Dental disease, also known as periodontal disease, is a common condition in pets that tends to start early. More than 80% of pets have dental disease to some degree by the time they are 3 years of age. You may have noticed your pet’s foul breath, but halitosis isn’t the only issue your pet will [...]

8 Reasons to Register Your Pet

Registering your pet is the law. According to the code of Virginia’s article five, pets 4 months or older are required to be licensed, which consists of a license receipt and a metal tag that must be securely attached to a collar and worn whenever your pet is off your property. However, following the law [...]

A Pet Owner’s Guide to Bug Bites

Pets are commonly bitten or stung by insects, causing painful lesions that may get infected. In addition, bugs can transmit dangerous bacteria, viruses, and parasites that can significantly harm your pet. Our team at Columbia Pike Animal Hospital wants to help you recognize signs that your pet has been bitten, and recommend ways to keep [...]

Proper Nutrition for Pets

A well balanced diet is critical to your pet’s overall wellbeing, and essential for a long, healthy life. However, selecting an appropriate diet for your pet can be confusing. Our team at Columbia Pike Animal Hospital wants to help by offering advice on how to provide proper nutrition for your pet. Nutrients your pet needs [...]

Diabetes Details for Pet Owners

Diabetes is a common disease affecting older pets and can lead to many health issues. The condition is not curable, but diabetes is more manageable when detected in the early stages. Our team at Columbia Pike Animal Hospital provides details about this disease to help you recognize the signs in case your pet is affected. [...]

6 New Year’s Pet Safety Tips

New Year’s Eve celebrations typically involve much fanfare and excitement, but between the fireworks and the midnight toast, the festivities can pose many problems for your pet. Our team at Columbia Pike Animal Hospital would like to help by providing some tips to help you protect your pet as the ball drops. #1: Ensure your [...]

Do’s and Don’ts to Keep Your Pet Safe This Christmas

As you jingle all the way into the Christmas season, take steps to ensure your pet is safe during the holidays. Our team at Columbia Pike Animal Hospital wants to provide do’s and don’ts that will help keep your pet protected this Christmas. DO safeguard your pet by stabilizing your Christmas tree If your cat [...]

Thanksgiving Pet Safety Dos and Don’ts

Most of the Thanksgiving holiday revolves around food, but company, brisk outings, and gorgeous fall decor are also season highlights. Since the feast is the “main dish” of the holiday, your furry friend is most at risk for food-related dangers, although they can also fall victim to assorted common holiday hazards during Thanksgiving. By following [...]

The Good, the Bad, and the Strange: Odd Dog Behaviors Demystified

Your dog may not seem as mysterious as your cat, but dogs are certainly individuals—and some have strange, but common, behaviors. Some of these behaviors may have started in puppyhood and become habits over time, while others may be instinctive. Still others may signal an underlying medical problem. However they began, a dog’s strange activities [...]

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