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Davis Hall


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Dr. Davis Hall is the founder and patriarch of Columbia Pike Animal Hospital and Emergency Center, founded in 1974. Our actual roots were planted in 1974 when, after serving in the military, Dr. Hall acquired Town & Country Animal Hospital in Fairfax. The practice treated both large and small animals, as Northern Virginia was still richly rural.

Through the years, Dr. Hall organized and nurtured a growing staff of veterinary professionals, all embracing his philosophy of expert treatment delivered with compassion. He also serves as a touchstone for our team, as his wealth of knowledge and experience will always help to ensure the best outcomes.

Most of his clients consider him part of the family, having cared for generations of pets, some traveling many miles for wellness exams and treatment. Both hospitals have grown to include full-service kennels and grooming facilities with more than 150 staff members. Dr. Hall graduated from Texas A&M University in 1969.


Reed Hall


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Dr. Reed Hall, son of Dr. Davis Hall, extends the family’s veterinary legacy. Dr. Hall displays enormous compassion for his patients and clients alike. His clients never leave their appointments without having been educated on topics related to either their pet’s health, treatment, or nutrition. He also has an affinity for surgery and animal teeth cleaning. This is among many reasons he has been named one of NOVA Magazine’s “Top Vets.”

Dr. Hall and his family, including son Davis Hall V and daughter Hope, live in Clifton and are a part of the fellowship at Expectation Church. He supports and shares a Christian veterinarian philosophy with other veterinarians and veterinary students.  He is a member of the C12 Group, a national Christian peer advisory organization and he is also active in the Christian Veterinary Mission.

He practices at both Town & Country Animal Hospital and Columbia Pike Animal Hospital and Emergency Center. Dr. Hall completed his undergraduate degree at West Virginia University and his Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine degree at Virginia Tech.


Heather Kirchart


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Dr. Kirchart’s parents bred Saint Bernards, so growing up, she has had ample opportunity to see veterinarians at work. As a girl, she would tell any one interested that she was going to be a veterinarian. She worked at kennels as a teenager, and later as a vet assistant. She completed her undergraduate studies at Penn State University and received her Veterinariae Medicinae Doctoris from the University of Pennsylvania. Columbia Pike Animal Hospital was her very first, (and last, she says) staff position. We have enjoyed her as a part of our team since 2002. Dr. Kirchart enjoys all aspects of caring for animals but excels in the areas of soft tissue surgery and abdominal ultrasonography.

Her clients speak of her compassion and willingness to not end any appointment without answering every question and thoroughly explaining her treatment plan. She relishes her time with her family and friends at the beach, and enjoys world travel. When she is not with her family, husband John, children Jack and Reagan, and their Pug Lincoln, she enjoys a long jog and likes to catch up on the latest “tea,” `a la the Bravo Channel.

Matt Novarr


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Dr. Novarr knew that he wanted to be a veterinarian early in life when at only nine, he cared for a neighbor’s horses in Connecticut, where he was born and raised. He has also had the opportunity to work with animals in South Africa and Australia before deciding to focus on cats and dogs in a small animal practice. He enjoys all aspects of veterinary care, including internal medicine and treating allergies, as well as basic surgeries like spay and neuter, mass removals and dental work.

Dr. Novarr’s clients get the benefit of not only his practical skills but his willingness to educate and offer prompt communication. He avails himself via phone or email to answer questions or explain treatment. He appreciates and enjoys the opportunity to bond with his pet families long term.

He studied and earned his degrees at the University of Miami and Purdue University College of Veterinary Medicine. He lives in Falls Church with his wife Mandy and daughter Dani. They have a dog, Zody, and a cat named Kit-Cat.

Mary Clinton


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The healing hands of Dr. Clinton served humans before they served our beloved pets, as she was once a Registered Nurse. Her love of animals led her down the path of veterinary medicine. She earned her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from the University of Florida, and is a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA). Her clients appreciate her thoroughness and honesty when treating their pets.

In her free time, Dr. Clinton enjoys climbing and yoga. She also practices krav maga, a form of self-defense, and rides her racing motorcycle. Her companion animal is an almost-40-year-old horse named Kong, who resides at Dr. Davis Hall’s farm.

Andrew D. Nguyen


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As a senior year, undergraduate student majoring in Biology at George Mason University, Dr. Nguyen was still uncertain about his career path. Since he had a strong affection for animals, he announced to his parents, “I am going to be a Veterinarian.” As immigrants with very high career expectations for their son, they suggested he become either a “real” doctor or an attorney or computer engineer so that he could earn a lucrative salary. To further complicate matters, he then discovered acting and loved it. “This is it,” he thought, and shared the great news with his parents, who responded, “Why don’t you become a Veterinarian?”

Since earning his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from the Ohio State University, Dr. Nguyen has excelled in his chosen career. He has expertise in soft tissue and orthopedic surgery, as well as dentistry. He is a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) and has volunteered for the Animal Welfare League of Arlington, VA. In his free time, he enjoys rock climbing, carpentry, painting, drawing, and playing guitar. He lives with his wife, Dr. Laura Fink, and their son in Springfield, VA.

Laura Fink


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The plan was set very early. As a young girl, Dr. Fink would “play” veterinarian with her family dogs and cats with the extra medical supplies her dad (a physician) brought home from his practice. She is a relative native, having grown up in Silver Spring. She enjoys rock climbing, spending time outdoors with her dogs, and has an affinity for national parks. Indoors, you will find her reading, cooking, and practicing Spanish, which she hopes will be her second language.

Her clients especially appreciate the way she listens to all of their concerns, never making any assumptions until she has heard the whole story. Her patients seem to sense her calm energy, making exam time much less stressful.

Dr. Fink graduated from The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 2010 and is a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association. As an undergraduate she studied abroad in Australia and spent two summers at a cattle ranch in Wyoming.

Molly Tango


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Dr. Tango knew she wanted to be a veterinarian from a young age while growing up in New Jersey. Since her mom is a nurse, medicine was a frequent topic of discussion around the dinner table. Veterinary medicine allows Dr. Tango to combine her love of science and passion for animals. She received her Bachelor of Science from the University of Delaware and her veterinary degree from the Atlantic Veterinary College on Prince Edward Island, Canada. She enjoys soft tissue surgery and shelter medicine – working closely with local SPCA. In her spare time, she enjoys paddle boarding, hiking, and spending time with her 60lb lap dog Hudson.

Shauna Waite


We have the most heartbreaking news to share. Dr. Shauna Waite has passed away unexpectedly. Shauna was an incredible veterinarian, a respected colleague, loving mother, and a cherished friend. But, most importantly, she was an amazing person who touched the lives of people everywhere she went. She spent her life volunteering for people and animals in need. From developing after school programs in Thailand to working with wildlife veterinarians in Africa, she left this world a better place everywhere she went.

We have lost an incredible team member. And the world has lost an irreplaceable person. Our heart is with her friends, family, and loved ones, and we will do our best to preserve her spirit in everything we do.

Shauna, we’ll miss you dearly.



Dr. Waite comes to us from warm places. She was born and raised in Southern California, earned her BS degrees at UC Davis, graduated from St. George’s University Veterinary School in Grenada, West Indies, and interned in Atlanta and practiced in Florida. From the time she was a young teenager, she has been passionate about working and volunteering for animals; both companion and those found in the Zoo. She has a special interest and talent in surgery. Dr. Waite has visited Thailand to develop after-school programs with Athletes in Action Christian Mission. She has worked with wildlife veterinarians in Africa to capture animals in need of relocation. She also offers extraordinary service to our local Humane Rescue Alliance, raising funds and volunteering medical services.

Dr. Waite travels extensively and enjoys almost any physical outdoor activity, including running, biking, surfing, and scuba. She and her husband James have recently rescued a dog, a victim of Hurricane Harvey in Houston, after volunteering. He joins the rest of the rescued family, including another dog, two cats, and a gecko.

Chad Nishi


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Despite being raised on a farm with lots of animals, Dr. Nishi always wanted to have pets of his own. He was told by his parents, “If you want pets so badly, be a Veterinarian.” And so, he did. His real pets, Dinghy and Tugboat, are also his hiking companions. Besides hiking, he enjoys Kickball and Dodgeball.

As a practitioner, he engages his gentle nature with pets while working resourcefully with clients, ensuring the best outcome possible. After joining Columbia Pike Animal Hospital, he very quickly began to develop a loyal following. His effective decision making makes him one the hospital’s premier urgent care specialist.

Dr. Nishi attended Washington State University undergrad and earned his Veterinary Doctorate at Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine in St. Kitts, West Indies. He is a member of the American Veterinarian Medical Association.

Sureni Beckford


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Dr. Beckford has only known to have animals as a part of her life. She grew up with many family dogs, and her Grandfather was a farmer in her home country of Jamaica. As a girl, she looked forward to summers spent caring for the farm’s goats, cows, and chickens. She also volunteered at local shelters and Animal Clinics on the island. She started her Veterinary career in animal husbandry, interning at Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge. She cared for a variety of exotic animals including lions, tigers and yes, bears. There, she had the opportunity shadow Veterinarians at work and discovered her passion for medicine. It is no surprise, as her father is a Physician and her mother, a Dentist.

Dr. Beckford earned her undergraduate degree in Biochemistry/Molecular Biology in 2012 from the College of Wooster in Ohio. Then, earned her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from St. George’s University’s School of Veterinary Medicine, Grenada, in 2017. She completed her General Practice and Emergency Medicine Internship here at Columbia Pike Animal Hospital and Emergency Center.

Among Dr. Beckford’s honors and awards is the Zoetis Special Certificate of Appreciation in Research Award, the Bayer Excellence in Veterinary Parasitology Award and she earned the prestigious St. George’s Veterinary Mentor Scholarship Award. She is a member of the International Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society (VECCS / IVECCS), the AVMA and the Phi Zeta Honor Society.

Nancy Barnett

Medical Director, DVM, MPH

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During her childhood, Dr. Barnett spent some time in England. It was then that her parents, both native New Yorkers, learned that she wanted to devote her life to caring for animals. Imagine their surprise. Dr. Barnett went on to earn her Bachelor of Science at the University of Maryland, her Veterinary Medical degree at The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine and her Master of Public Health at Benedictine University in Illinois. She is also Board Eligible after completing her studies at the American College of Veterinary Preventive Medicine.

She completed an Equine Medicine and Surgery Internship at Griggs, O’Neal & Kidder, Lexington, Kentucky, and a Public Health Internship at the Virginia Department of Health, Rappahannock Rapidan Health District. She is a member of the AVMA, APHA and AAPHV.

Dr. Barnett has volunteered her time and talents to the Diocese of Arlington Medical Missionaries to Haiti, and the Dominican Republic, the RRMC Medical Reserve Corps, the Diocese of Arlington Strategic Planning Committee, Destination Imagination, Sunshine Math, and Coach for Chantilly Youth Basketball.

Dr. Barnett enjoys reading, antiques, and travel. Her family, husband, and two children, are extended by two Corgis and three cats.

Cari Jones


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Dr. Jones is truly a “homegrown” success, as she started her Veterinary career servicing clients at the front desk of our sister hospital, Town & Country Animal Hospital, in Fairfax. She is a native Northern Virginian, who from childhood, loved riding horses and competed locally in hunter/jumpers through high school.

Dr. Jones completed her undergraduate studies at Virginia Tech with a Bachelor’s Degree in Biological Sciences. She worked as a Lab Manager and Research Assistant at Duke University Medical Center. She earned her Veterinary Medical Degree from North Carolina State College of Veterinary Medicine with honors in May of 2017. After graduation, she completed an Equine Internship in The Plains, VA.

Dr. Jones is an avid reader and gardener. She also enjoys paddle boarding and hiking with her Miniature Pinscher.

Candice Flynn


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Watch Dr. Flynn engaging with any species of animal, you know she was born to be a Veterinarian. She shares this attribute with her husband, whom she met at Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, where they both received their Veterinary Medicine Degrees in 2002. They are the very proud parents of two young children. This family of four has extended their hearts and home to numerous rescue animals – two dogs, one cat, two frogs, four lizards, a beta fish and a growing population of aquatic snails. In her free time, she and her husband enjoy Capitals games, dancing, gardening, scuba diving, world travel and they try to learn a new hobby each year. Her career passions include preventative care, client education and soft tissue surgery.

Michele Moneyhun


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Achal Kalicharan


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Samantha Chang


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Noreen Wong


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“An animal’s eyes have the power to speak a great language.”

-Martin Buber


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Terry Bishop

Chief Operating Officer

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Angela Allen

Hospital Administrator

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Angela developed a passion for animals from a very young age. As a young girl growing up on a farm in Odessa, Florida, she loved spending time with her family and her animals.

Angela spent her youth mastering sports. She received accolades in basketball and track and field. She went on to pursue higher education, receiving certification as a computer programmer.

Angela brings 12 years of practice management experience from Banfield Animal Hospital. She has managed a number of their hospitals in the state of Maryland and looks forward to sharing her technical and medical expertise.

Angela is now a mother of two and enjoys spending time with her daughter and visiting with her son, who is in the military, whenever possible. She’s passionate about her love of animals, her cat Phoebe, her 23 fish, and her shoes.

Jesseca Cervantes

Finance Director

Jesseca is the Finance Director for both, Columbia Pike Animal Hospital and Town & Country Animal Hospital. Jesseca received a BS in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting from California State University, Monterey Bay. She oversees the accounting, financial planning and analysis, and tax compliance for the company. She is committed to implement policies and procedures according to the General Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and streamline the accounting processes for both hospitals.

Growing up in a Southern California Border town, Jesseca enjoyed spending her time at her family’s ranch where she helped in caring for the animals. She considers her position at a veterinary hospital unexpected but a true privilege because she can combine her passion for numbers and love for animals.

Regina Mark

HR Director

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Tony Distiso

Client Care Manager

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Tony is our Client Care Manager. He’s been in the customer service industry for 23 years. His love of people is only surpassed by his love of pets. Tony grew up in Connecticut and moved to Virginia in 2002. He’s had dogs his entire life and currently has a 10-year-old Foxhound mix named Mia. When not working, he loves hiking with Mia, cooking, and geeking out over comic books.

Jarrod Watson

Patient Care Manager

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Edna Smith

Assistant Patient Care Manager

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Megan Paul

Pharmacy Manager

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Megan is the Pharmacy Manager at Columbia Pike Animal Hospital. Growing up in Texas, she moved to Maryland with her boyfriend, 2 dogs, and 2 cats in 2020. Previously, she worked in the Large Animal Hospital at Texas A&M Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital. She also attended Texas A&M University, where she studied Wildlife and Fisheries sciences. She’s excited to be a member of the team at Columbia Pike Animal Hospital!

Marquis Stafford

Operations Manager

Bio coming soon.

Alejandro Westman

Overnight Manager

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