Have you wished you could request an appointment or prescription refill for your pet, no matter what time you remembered? Now you can take care of most of your pet’s veterinary needs in the middle of the night with the help of our handy hospital app through VitusVet. You no longer have to wait until business hours to request your pet’s medical records, schedule an appointment, or ask for a prescription refill. Log in to our app on your phone, and with a few taps, you’re all set.  

At Columbia Pike Animal Hospital, we have rushed to meet the ever-increasing demand for more access to pet health care and easy-to-use technology tools for our pet owners. We’ve already set up an online pharmacy that conveniently delivers your pet’s medication straight to your front door. We want to make providing top-notch care for your beloved pet easy, and we think such a convenient app will make all aspects simpler and more efficient. Excited to start using our app? Take a look at some of the key benefits and features you’ll experience with VitusVet, and then head over to the App Store or Google Play to download the app.

#1: Never miss an appointment with our appointment reminder feature

Life has been extra hectic lately, and it’s easy to forget all the important things you have to handle, including your furry pal’s wellness visit. Never miss your pet’s appointment again by scheduling appointments through our app, and receive convenient reminders to ensure you remember the date and time.

#2: Request an appointment at any time

If you forget to call our hospital during business hours to schedule your pet’s appointment, you do not need to worry. Pull up our hospital app, and request an appointment at your preferred date and time. Wait for our confirmation, and then your pet is all set for their appointment. Whether your pet is coughing, or simply needs their routine wellness visit, you can schedule their appointment through the app.

#3: Access your pet’s medical records around the clock

You may be watching your pet’s weight loss during their diet and exercise regime, but can’t remember their starting weight. Now, you can pull up your pet’s medical history on the app and check your pet’s records at any time. Can’t remember when your pet had a seasonal allergy flare last year? Check their medical history on the app. You can also access their vaccination records, which can come in handy if you’re traveling and need emergency, boarding, or pet-sitting care. Another great benefit of your pet’s medical records being only a few taps away is the ability to submit an insurance claim at any time.

#4: Exchange text and picture messages about your pet with our team

Have you ever wished you could text our veterinarian with questions about your pet’s care? Now you can. Our app’s two-way messaging feature allows you to send our veterinarian text and pictures about your pet’s condition. This feature is useful for post-operative follow-ups, skin issues, and general wellness information. 

#5: Create your own personal pet reminders

In addition to your pet’s appointment reminders, you can create your own personal reminders and notes related to your furry pal to keep all things pet-related in the same place. Make a list to pick up food, treats, or a new bed, create a reminder for a grooming appointment, or note the day your pet received their heartworm, flea, and tick preventives, and when they need their next treatment.

#6: Trust in VitusPay for safe, secure pet care payments

Emergency situations can test any pet owner’s budget, and finding financial aid can be difficult. However, VitusPay offers budget-friendly payment options that cover the entire cost of your pet’s care. The total amount is split equally into monthly payments processed through your existing card, with no need for third-party credit applications. No credit checks, applications, or new lines of credit mean you can rest easy, knowing you can afford your pet’s care. 

Our app provides contactless, safe, secure, and private payment options. Pull up the app, and pay for your pet’s appointment, prescriptions, or food through your phone, with no need to count out change. 

Unsure how to find our app, or need help using its features? Contact our Columbia Pike Animal Hospital team for assistance, so you can use our app to its fullest potential.