Health Certificates

Domestic and international.


Slide If you are planning to travel outside of the country with your pet, you will need an international pet health certificate that guarantees your pet meets all the health requirements of the country you are visiting. We recommend beginning this process as early in advance of your travels as possible, to ensure you have covered all the bases. We will work with you here in Annandale to update your pet’s vaccinations and diagnostic tests, and have your international health certificate filled out and ready to go before your departure. Call us at (703) 256-8414.

Slide Where to start? First, we suggest calling our local USDA-APHIS office state veterinarian at (804) 343-2560, and then contacting the embassy of the country you will be visiting. To find out about their health requirements, visit the USDA-APHIS website and select your destination country from the dropdown list. Locate the forms needed to ‘export’ your cat or dog, and print them out, along with any instructions provided. Make sure you read all instructions carefully and check on the requirements of the surrounding countries in case of a layover with your flight.

Slide Additional Documentation Print copies of your pet’s last two rabies certificates, and a copy of their most recent vaccination summary. Also include an invoice or signed documentation providing the date of your pet’s microchip implantation. To make sure you have everything you need, call the USDA state office veterinarian and the embassy of your destination country. It never hurts to double-check!

ALL international health certificates must be signed by the state veterinarian in Richmond, VA. You need to either schedule an appointment or have the papers sent via Fed-Ex. ALL forms must be filled out and completed within 10 days of your departure date.