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How Often Does A Dog Need Teeth Cleaning

It’s Thanksgiving Day and you and your extended family is sitting down to a large spread. You fill your plate and start to tuck into your herb-rubbed and 3-day brined turkey, buttered mashed potatoes, and your aunt’s famous cranberry-orange salad. Before you take a bite, you notice something smells…off. It’s not the food. No, the [...]

Why Dog Vaccinations Are Necessary

It seems like every week you get an email from your veterinarian about vaccines your puppy and your cat are due for. Are all these vaccines really necessary? Is it really safe to give puppies so many vaccines? Does a 17-year-old dog really need a rabies vaccine every year? Dogs should have a vaccine plan in place [...]

When to Call an Emergency Vet

You just tried a new recipe for a dark chocolate raspberry cake, and so far, just out of the oven, it looks amazing. You leave it on the counter to cool and step outside to water your geraniums. Not five minutes later you walk back in the kitchen and notice a plate full of cake [...]

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