Davis Hall

Email Dr. Davis Hall Dr. Davis Hall is the founder and patriarch of Columbia Pike Animal Hospital and Emergency Center, founded in 1974. Our actual roots were planted in 1974 when, after serving in the military, Dr. Hall acquired Town & Country Animal Hospital in Fairfax. The practice treated both large and small animals, as Northern [...]

Reed Hall

Email Dr. Reed Hall Dr. Reed Hall, son of Dr. Davis Hall, extends the family’s veterinary legacy. Dr. Hall displays enormous compassion for his patients and clients alike. His clients never leave their appointments without having been educated on topics related to either their pet’s health, treatment, or nutrition. He also has an affinity for surgery and [...]

Heather Kirchart

Email Dr. Heather Kirchart Dr. Kirchart’s parents bred Saint Bernards, so growing up, she has had ample opportunity to see veterinarians at work. As a girl, she would tell any one interested that she was going to be a veterinarian. She worked at kennels as a teenager, and later as a vet assistant. She completed [...]

Matt Novarr

Email Dr. Matt Novarr Dr. Novarr knew that he wanted to be a veterinarian early in life when at only nine, he cared for a neighbor’s horses in Connecticut, where he was born and raised. He has also had the opportunity to work with animals in South Africa and Australia before deciding to focus on [...]

Mary Clinton

Email Dr. Mary Clinton The healing hands of Dr. Clinton served humans before they served our beloved pets, as she was once a Registered Nurse. Her love of animals led her down the path of veterinary medicine. She earned her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from the University of Florida, and is a member of the [...]

Andrew D. Nguyen

Email Dr. Andrew D. Nguyen As a senior year, undergraduate student majoring in Biology at George Mason University, Dr. Nguyen was still uncertain about his career path. Since he had a strong affection for animals, he announced to his parents, “I am going to be a Veterinarian.” As immigrants with very high career expectations for [...]

Laura Fink

Email Dr. Laura Fink The plan was set very early. As a young girl, Dr. Fink would “play” veterinarian with her family dogs and cats with the extra medical supplies her dad (a physician) brought home from his practice. She is a relative native, having grown up in Silver Spring. She enjoys rock climbing, spending [...]

Molly Tango

Email Dr. Molly Tango Dr. Tango knew she wanted to be a veterinarian from a young age while growing up in New Jersey. Since her mom is a nurse, medicine was a frequent topic of discussion around the dinner table. Veterinary medicine allows Dr. Tango to combine her love of science and passion for animals. [...]

Shauna Waite

We have the most heartbreaking news to share. Dr. Shauna Waite has passed away unexpectedly. Shauna was an incredible veterinarian, a respected colleague, loving mother, and a cherished friend. But, most importantly, she was an amazing person who touched the lives of people everywhere she went. She spent her life volunteering for people and animals [...]

Chad Nishi

Email Dr. Chad Nishi Despite being raised on a farm with lots of animals, Dr. Nishi always wanted to have pets of his own. He was told by his parents, “If you want pets so badly, be a Veterinarian.” And so, he did. His real pets, Dinghy and Tugboat, are also his hiking companions. Besides [...]

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